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CIC Partners, Czech Investment Connection Partners, is an investment advisory company covering mainly the region of the Czech Republic, however, together with its external partners is able to provide its client with a wide range of advisory services globally.

The company was established in 2016 when its founders, Zbyněk Buš and Vladimír Veleba, just tied on their long-lasting careers in the corporate finance department of the company KPMG Praha.

The goal of the company is always to provide its clients with an outstanding and measurable added value that comes from the CICP’s founders long-time and broad experience and expertise in the field of investment banking.

Our clients can expect a high level personal and confidential approach. Our usual “modus operandi” is that first after our initial analysis of the case we propose several “solution options”. Then based on our professional opinion we suggest the best-case scenario or scenarios so that the client can make his final decision on his own.

Our motto is “Trust and Confidentiality”.

Our team

Experts in Corporate Finance

Zbyněk Buš is a founding member of CIC Partners, s.r.o. Prior to its foundation in 2016 he had been working for almost ten years as a director of corporate finance department within KPMG Prague. Before joining KPMG, he had worked as a Head of Investment Division in the real estate group Sekyra Group, where he was responsible for M&A activities of the group. Between 1999 and 2005 he had been working in a senior manager position of corporate finance department of Komerční banka in Prague. Before joining Komerční banka he had worked for the Austrian bank Volksbanken AG and the French bank Société Générale.

Zbyněk Buš holds a MSc degree from Brno University of Technology (FAST) and undertook a DMS postgraduate studies under VŠE Prague and the Brunel University London (Buckinghamshire College of higher Education) plus various M&A courses at the International Faculty of Finance, London.


Vladimír Veleba is a founding member of CIC Partners, s.r.o. He has more than twenty two years of experience in the field of corporate finance, most of which under the colour of KPMG. During his 17 year career at KPMG, he has gained vast expertise in the field of Corporate Finance, especially in mergers and acquisitions, leading cross border transactions, valuations of companies, due diligences and forensics. Before joining KPMG, he has worked for the Czech Rating Agency (lately sold to Moody´s) and recently worked for BDO Czech Republic as a partner responsible for M&A.

Vladimír Veleba holds MSc degree in the field of Finance from University of Economics in Prague. At KPMG, he took part in various courses focused on mergers and acquisitions, managing cross-border transactions, negotiation skills, due diligence and valuations. In 2012, Vladimír Veleba was appointed as a certified valuation expert by the court.

Our services

Top level
professional services

Buy side advisory – acquisition of enterprises

- identification of the appropriate target enterprise
- suggestion of acquisition strategy and contacting the owner(s) of the selected target company
- management of entire acquisition process including co-ordination of other potential advisors
- valuation of target
- arrangement of acquisition financing
- negotiation of the best possible transaction conditions
- signing assistance
- closing and settlement assistance

Sell side advisory – sale of enterprises

- analysis and assessment of the company
- sale strategy suggestion
- identification and selection of potential buyers
- preparation of info pack (teaser, info memo) and data room
- business plan assistance
- preparation and management/control of the sale process
- negotiation of the best possible transaction conditions
- signing assistance
- closing and settlement assistance


- analysis and assessment of the company
- restructuring scenarios suggestion
- restructuring plan assistance
- realisation of restructuring plan incl. communication with banks and other creditors


- analysis and assessment of the company
- best case scenarios suggestion
- business plan assistance
- selection of the best source of financing
- contacting and communication with financial investor and/or institutions
- selection of the best investor
- negotiation of the best possible financing conditions,
- signing assistance


- business plan assistance
- quick indicative valuation
- discounted cash flow valuation
- expert opinion
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